Secret Tool Pro v1.2 Free Download Link


Secret Tool Pro v1.2 is very important tool for Samsung Devices to repair baseband, emergency call, cp/modem and remove FRP for Xiaomi,Vivo, Oppo devices . Secret Tool Pro tool have many features for qualcomm devices .

Secret Tool Pro v1.2

General Features:
⇒ Read Device Info in Adb mode.
⇒ Remove Frp in adb mode.
⇒ Remove Samsung Account in adb mode.
⇒ SPD FEP Remove
⇒ Xiaomi Relock Fix.
⇒ Enable Diag .
⇒ MTK Flasher.
⇒ Samsung Flasher.
⇒ Qualcomm Flasher.

Huawei Features:
⇒ Enable Adb (MTP)
⇒ Remove Huawei FRP .

Oppo Features:
⇒ Oppo FRP Remove.
⇒ Oppo Security Auto Unlocker.
⇒ Oppo Diag Enable .
⇒ Switch Carrier for MTK CPU’s.
⇒ Enable Diag for oppo A7

Samsung Features:
⇒ Samsung Unknown Baseband Fix (in ADB Mode)
⇒ Samsung Unknown Baseband Fix (In Download Mode)
⇒ Samsung Emergency Call Repair (in Download Mode for Exynos CPU’s)
⇒ Samsung CP/Modem Repair.
⇒ Samsung FRP Remove In Download Mode.

Extra Valuable Features:
⇒ Xiaomi FRP Remove
⇒ Vivo FRP Remove & Format.

Download Secret Tool Pro v1.2