InfinityBox CM2MT2 v2.05 Update Setup File


InfinityBox install CM2MT2 v2.05 Module is Ready to Download.After Long time Infinity Team updates there cm2 MTK Dongle. Download InfinityBox install CM2MT2 v2.05 from below link and enjoy. Remember ! This file work with Dongle only it’s not Crack .

InfinityBox install CM2MT2 v2.05 Setup Download

InfinityBox install CM2MT2 v2.05

Whats New On CM2MT2 V2.05 ?

Base – Secure boot – ARB verification revised for some secure configs and chips

FWFlasher – Flash core updated
FWFlasher – SecureFlash on Legacy phones revised ( SECCFG options and other issues fixed )
FWFlasher – MT6753/MT6752 flashing revised

FWReader – More accurate type detection on LEGACY lines
FWReader – More types supported for safe read
FWReader – Info reading improved

Service – “SimLock Reset” option activated – used to rollback all LockSettings to default
Service – Format FS revised
Service – Repair BB revised
Service – NVRAM module updated

Platform – MT6771 support optimized
Platform – MT6753 support optimized
Platform – MT8127 support optimized

LoaderDB – Lot of new agents included (Alcatel, Moto, Lava and others)

Other – Many different small changes and fixes
Other – Some kind of GUI changes for better user expirience
Other – ErrorHandling updated – more detailed hints/explanation of troubles during service process
Other – EMI Module updated
Other – Preloader tools, Preloader init and other related stuff updated
Other – Scatter handling optimized for some vendor-specific stuff
Other – Automatic backup revised (manual tuneup fix)
Other – Partial LEGACY NAND support (complete boot/verify) – Identify option works now on some devices

Info: Alcatel support for NEW line devices restricted by PRELOADER level ONLY! Some partitions are PROTECTED! BROM mode not supported for now ( due remote SLA )
Info: LEGACY secure flashing now pass at any base settings but IN SOME RARE CASES (like Huawei and similar) it may lead to BaseBand and other problems.
Solution – REFLASH using CORRECT DA!
Info: ARB nowdays appearing on more devices, make sure about you FLASH SAME version. (Identify ARB LOG and SW load LOG ) Not upgrade to newer ones, if need make some extend service etc.