Huawei Local Update Flashing Guideline [Method 3]


Note: To make sure that the power of the battery is enough to run the upgrade process. Maybe you may connect the handset with the charger or the USB data cable to provide power

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Huawei local Update

Follow Below Step to Huawei Local Update – UPDATE.APP ROM 

Step 1: Download the latest HUAWEI ROM file Download here . Extract it to computer and Place the Extract File “UPDATE.APP” to the New Folder then Rename the Folder name  “dload” on the computer.

Step 2: Copy the package which is named “dload” to sdcard into the root directory of the sdcard .(Do not put it in any folder)

Step 3: Insert the sdcard into the handset and power on. After entering the home screen, go to  Settings-> Updater -> Menu -> Local Update-> Full Package:UPDATE.APP-> Install  to start the upgrade. 

Step 4: When the progress bar stop, the phone will restart, if not you need to remove the battery and start it automatically.