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GNQC DownLoad Tool is a small flash tool that allows you to flash stock firmware (flash file) on Qualcomm Based Devices. Here, on this page we have uploaded to share all version of GNQC DownLoad Tool including the latest and oldest version.

GNQC DownLoad Tool

GNQC DownLoad Tool Features: 
Flash Stock Firmware : GNQC DownLoad Tool allows you to flash stock firmware on Qualcomm Devices. Simply, install the Qualcomm usb driver on the computer, and launch the GNQC Download Tool. Once GNQC download Tool is launched , you need to add the Firmware file through the BP and AP section. When your device is detected by the computer flashing will start automatically.

Multiple Name Path: There are multiple path name available in the tool that is  GBW8901A, WBW8602, WBW870 CBL8601A, CBW8600A, GBL8906A, GBW870A and WBW8901. GNQC Download tool allow you to choose multiple Name Path to make it more compatible with the device.

DownLoad GNQC DownLoad Tool

V1.7.1.0   Download From Mega     Download From Gdrive    

V1.6.9.0   Download From Mega     Download From Gdrive


How to Use GNQC Download Tool See Here Detail

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