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SPD Upgrade tool (SpreadTrum flash tool) allow you to flash PAC Rom on your smartphone devices . On this page we have managed to share all versions of SPD Upgrade tool including the previous version.

Pac Flash Tool

Download SPD Upgrade tool (SpreadTrum)


SPD_Upgrade_Tool_R19.0.0001   – latest Update 


Remember !
💡 SPREADTRUM UPGRADE TOOL does not require any special rule to Flash the Stock Rom. Simply Open the SPREADTRUM UPGRADE TOOL and load the PAC File  from the Downloaded Stock Rom and Press Start Button .For more  Detail see, How to flash Pac Stock Rom Using UpgradeDownload Tool
💡 Take Backup: Take a Phone backup before using the SPREADTRUM UPGRADE TOOL as since during the flashing process your personal data will be deleted.

💡 Warranty Void: If you are flashing with any custom rom on your Android Smartphone using SPREADTRUM UPGRADE TOOL then it may invalid your phone warranty. Please don’t mystify custom rom with Stock rom , as Stock Rom never void Phone Warranty.

💡 Credits: SPREADTRUM UPGRADE TOOL is formed by Spreadtrum Communications Inc.  So full copyright and credits goes to Spreadtrum Communications Inc. Here we have shared the tool, as it was available for free.