Cm2 Box install CM2SCR v1.04 Setup File


InfinityBox install CM2SCR v1.04 Module is Ready to Download.After Long time Infinity Team updates there cm2 MTK Dongle. Download InfinityBox install CM2SCR v1.04 from below link and enjoy. Remember ! This file work with Dongle only it’s not Crack .

InfinityBox install CM2SCR v1.04 Setup Download

InfinityBox install CM2SCR v1.04

Supported CPU list:
Spreadtrum : SC6530, SC6531, SC6531(A/C/D)
UniSoc : SC6531E, SC6533, SC6533G
RDA Mirco : RDA8851 rev A,B,C,L,CL
RDA Micro : RDA8826

RDA Mirco RDA8851 rev A,B,C,L,CL
RDA Micro RDA8826
Spreadtrum SC6533/G :
Flashing protocol updated
BOOTROM mode support revised
Updated LOD tools ( flashing / customizing )
Repair security revised (
-> FAC area rebuild
-> 3rd item repair activated
UserCode reading activated

Spreadtrum SC6530/6531/A/C/D/E:
Revised Repair security feature
Flashing revised
-> Secure/Signed lines flashing rebuild
-> Masterimage build revised
-> Whole flash erase fixed for NOR devices
Internal loaders updated
Database revised, loaders re-marked

Spreadtrum other:
Protocol updated, stuck issues during wrong boot selection fixed
Improved Flashing procedure for SC7701/SC7702 devices
Flashing customization module revised
InternalDB/ExternalLoader detetection/selection revised