Cm2 Box install CM2MT2 v2.04 Setup File


InfinityBox install CM2MT2 v2.04 Module is Ready to Download.After Long time Infinity Team updates there cm2 MTK Dongle. Download InfinityBox install CM2MT2 v2.04 from below link and enjoy. Remember ! This file work with Dongle only it’s not Crack .

InfinityBox install CM2MT2 v2.04 Setup Download

CM2MT2 v2.04

Whats New On CM2MT2 V2.04 ?

Base – MT6761 support activated
Base – MT6765 support activated
Base – MT6771 support activated
Base – Secure boot – ARB verification during boot ( via BROM logging )
Base – Secure boot – SLA challenge state verify ( pass-trought file or nonce challenge )

FWFlasher – Some ancient secure devices flashing optimized ( early 6572 and similar )
FWFlasher – MT6753/MT6752 flashing revized
FWFlasher – Pre-flash backup option enabled
FWFlasher – Flash core updated

FWReader – More accurate FW verification for signed types ( issues after FOTA “garbaging” )
FWReader – ARB state and version, if present ARB bit
FWReader – AVB state and version, if present AVB secure mechanism
FWReader – FW logging info – if SW show it during load – make sure device contain SAME or LOWER version!
FWReader – More types supported for safe read
FWReader – Info reading improved

Service – Security repair revised ( NVRAM verify and some “old” types support )
Service – “Repair BaseBand” option activated
Service – Format FS revised
Service – NVRAM module updated

MemTool – Improved work with partitions on LEGACY line
MemTool – Wipe operation optimized ( def and adr mode )

Platform – MT6761 support activated [ Under test ]
Platform – MT6771 support activated
Platform – MT6765 support activated
Platform – MT6753 support optimized
Platform – MT8172 support optimized
Platform – MT8176 support optimized
Platform – MT8163 support optimized
Platform – MT8127 support optimized

LoaderDB – New agents included ( Moto, Huawei, ZTE, Asus and others )

Other – Lot of different small changes and fixes
Other – BootHelper updated
Other – ErrorHandling updated – more detailed hints/explanation of troubles during service process
Other – EMI Module updated – MT6765/MT6771/MT8176/MT8172/ MT8173/MT6753 supported
Other – Automatic backup during Identify and critical operations ( list can be tuned via edit settings.ini )
Other – Partial LEGACY NAND support ( complete boot/verify ) for testing purposes for now – MT6580, MT81xx series
Other – All settings ( except FLASH tab and Platform Settings group ) now saved/load automatically

CM2MT2 V2.04 download