How to Remove Mi FRP Account From Xiaomi Mi 5


How to Remove Mi FRP Account From Xiaomi Mi 5 ! Guideline For New gsm friends 

Follow those step to remove mi 5 frp : 

Remove Mi FRP Account

Step 1 : First Download and Install Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 Driver  From Here .if already installed avoid it . 

Step 2 : Download Mi 5 Mi account remove firmware from here and extract it to Drive C:\ . 

Step 3 : Now Turn off  your device and  disassemble your xiaomi mi 5 back part and short this line when insert USB Cable to enter EDL mode. 

Step 4 : When device connected you will see usb port like below image –

Step 5 : After Connected , Lunch Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool . If already download install it or download if from Here .

Step 6 : Now Select Xiaomi Mi 5 Mi account remove firmware ( Step:2 ) image folder. 

Step 7 : After select image folder click Refresh button and you will see device connected. 

Step 8 : Now click Flash button to star flash process ! flash will be start automatically . Please wait while flashing . 

Step 9: After flash process green Success Sign appear in the screen and done. 

Please watch our youtube video to clear those step: 


💡 Remember ! when you hard reset to your smartphone, you must backup your all data, because after hard reset you lost your all important data from internal memory.We provide a link how to Backup Android Device


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